Buy a machine, plug it in, let the cryptocurrency start flowing! That is what everyone’s first impression is! Computer and financial gurus flock to it like bees do honey. Its the biggest thing to hit since the internet.

“Everyone wants to be apart of the big movement of mining cryptocurrency, but what exactly is it, what are they doing behind closed doors?”

Mining cryptocurrency is actually the process of solving algorithms or math problems that over time get harder and harder to solve which in turn generates new cryptocurrency. …

Questions Pertaining to Climate Migration. “Is where we are living sustainable? Are we importing energy that is more costly than using an alternate source of energy? Could redesigning our cities faster be a better move for our future? Could imposing harsher rules and regulations on sustainability while moving towards a global society be the beneficial for all?”

Over the past year, the appearance of knowledgeable economy power-driven by folks engaging from home has quickened the speech communication concerning wherever to measure, notably among millennials.

Overgrown coastal city in the United States
Photo by Vlad Busuioc on Unsplash

“Is it currently the proper time to move to a coastal city? Is it viable to use this much water in the desert?” Why aren’t cities designed with edible forests? Why are we dedicating so much parking spaces to vehicles we only use two hours a day? Why not have pedestrian friendly cities not car friendly cities?”

Climate Migration Movement Video

Americans have defied the norms of climate migration seen elsewhere within the…

Daysha M. Freeman

Researcher in Science & Technology

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